“El Cantador” is the genre–redefining Mariachi album by Santa Fe music icon Carlos Medina. Drawing on a successful DIY background, Medina’s studio debut pushes the envelope by exploring themes of altered states, mystery and illusion. Meow Wolf’s first record release, “El Cantador” is available on vinyl, CD and digital download.



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Meow Wolf musician Carlos Medina is a psychedelic Mariachi. His debut album “El Cantador” pushes the boundaries of the genre into the psych-pop realm, exploring themes of altered states, mystery and illusion. Carlos is a multi-instrumentalist with a DIY background, bootstrapping a career in remote roadside bars, serenading strangers at their tables with dark corridos from the heart. Known to many as “the Tom Waits of Mariachi,” Carlos has played in 38 states and sold tens of thousands of handmade CDs to individual fans across the country. He is an artist-in-residence at George RR Martin’s Jean Cocteau Cinema in Santa Fe.